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It’s about time to get rid of paper mail and implement
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Virtual mailbox
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Key product highlights

Zipinmail has created a Virtual Mailbox platform to deliver mail digitally to a mailing address.

Designed and works like an email, but uses a mailing address to transmit data. Zipinmail is an address based delivery platform.

Zipinmail is beyond email. Zipinmail is delivered to a virtual mailbox of an authenticated individual at a verified mailing address

Zipinmail is an All In One Virtual Mailbox platform to reach their audience by zip code via Mass Zipinmail, Email, Text & Coupons

Zipinmail is a first of its kind self driven coupon publishing platform. Businesses can create and publish coupons by zip code in real time.

Why should Businesses sign up ?
All In One Virtual Mailbox delivers Mass Zipinmail, Email, Text & Coupons by Zip Code.
Saves 80% or more compared to paper mail or any mass email platform.
Zipinmail revenue from business is not dependent on Consumers sigining up.
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Hyperlocal demographic data to reach target audience

Direct mail marketing | Zipinmail

Impact of direct mail for the cost of email

Direct mail marketing | Zipinmail

Select target audience & send Mass Zipinmail

Direct mail marketing | Zipinmail

Over 90% cost savings & compelling ROI

Direct mail marketing | Zipinmail

Campaign Management

Direct mail marketing | Zipinmail

Coupon management – upload coupons for free

Direct mail marketing | Zipinmail

Mailboxes for employees & departments

Direct mail marketing | Zipinmail

Cash rewards for targeted customers to click Zipinmail

Why should Consumers sign up ?

It’s absolutely FREE  for Consumers.
Paid by Business so Consumers will get only legitimate mail and less spam.

Digital mailbox | Zipinmail

No more paper mail

Digital mailbox | Zipinmail

Saves time & money

Digital mailbox | Zipinmail

No more clutter at home

Digital mailbox | Zipinmail

Access all mailboxes in cellphone

Digital mailbox | Zipinmail

Bills & statements organized and stored

Digital mailbox | Zipinmail

Change of address simplified

Digital mailbox | Zipinmail

Just click Zipinmail and earn cash

Digital mailbox | Zipinmail

Get bigger discounts & redeem via cell phone

Zipinmail is Beyond Email

Email is for an Individual

  • Zipinmail replaces paper mail and not email. Even with all forms of electronic communications, marketing (paper) mail continues to increase by 1% – 2% every year primarily for
    a) Impressions & Brand Recognition and
    b) Mailing address provides all the demographic data for targeting
  • An email address does not give any demographic data about an individual such as their real name, age, gender, education, address etc. So, businesses are unable to target their audience based on email
  • An individual can have multiple personal and business email addresses and they can add, change or delete any email address at anytime. Hence, there is no practical way to link an email address to a physical mailing address. Further, when people move from their home or business, linking an email to a mailing address becomes complex and impractical to implement

Zipinmail is for a Mailing Address

  • Zipinmail is designed like an email but uses a mailing address to send & receive mail. Zipinmail is an address based delivery platform
  • Your virtual mailbox address is the same as your physical mailing address with multiple lines of alpha numeric and special characters
  • All individuals within a mailing address have their own virtual mailbox that is linked to their address
  • All demographic information for Individuals within a mailing address can be used by a business to reach their audience
  • Unlike email, businesses have to pay to send marketing mail, so consumers will get only legitimate mail and less spam.
Why Invest in Zipinmail?
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Direct mail marketing | Zipinmail
Digital mailbox for business | Zipinmail
First to market with a simple, logical, practical, end-to-end virtual mailbox platform

Disrupting $1.6 Trillion direct mail industry

Compelling value proposition for Consumers & Business
Global patent pending
No real competition, potential opportunity to be a monopoly
Highly qualified, experienced and passionate management team

Timing is perfect

Consumers hate papermail

Declining ROI for business

Environment is a key global issue

Cloud technologies have evolved

Just launched in March and started generating revenues

USPS : Strategic Partnership or Acquisition

USPS has invested millions of dollars to digitize the postal system but has not come up with a viable solution
Digital mailbox for business | Zipinmail
Zipinmail intends to go public in a few years
and has the potential to generate HUGE ROI
Save the trees and preserve our nature for future generations
Trees give oxygen and absorb carbon-dioxide & heat. Trees are the lungs of planet earth
Circulation of air is a natural cleanser of germs and viruses on planet earth

We kill 68 million trees in USA and 400 Million trees globally every year for papermail and all of it is thrown in the trash

Paper industry is the 3rd largest polluters of Air, Water and Land

Saving millions of trees will increase air circulation, minimize global warming and has the potential to reduce global temperature by a few degrees over the next decade.
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Invest in a sustainable future

Dear Human: If you don’t destroy me, I promise to give you food, water, shelter and oxygen!

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